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Our vision

We are an alternative investment platform with an innovative ethos, set up with the goal of capturing unique, exclusive investment opportunities that help our clients as they strive to achieve their investment objectives.

Investors are always looking for new ways to diversify their portfolio and earn long-term returns. In response, we offer clients access to an expanding international market and new asset classes that present less volatility and no market correlation.

Why Santander Alternative Investments?

Santander Alternative Investments has outstanding capabilities to gain traction in alternative markets:

Our excellent team of specialists, with more than 15 years of experience in the sectors they manage, aim to forge trusting relationships and create a unique and distinctive experience.

As part of Santander Group, we have the strength and backing of a leading financial group, enabling us to give our clients access to extensive capabilities for distribution in ten major markets and for origination in those activities in which the bank is an expert and to which it is committed.

We are equipped with best-in-class technologies to foster exponential growth while seeking to minimise risk and maximise efficiency and client interaction.

Our Executive Committee

  • patrick lüthje

    Luis García-Izquierdo


  • patrick lüthje

    Álvaro Bueso-Inchausti

    Chief of Product

  • patrick lüthje

    Borja Díaz-Llanos

    Chief Investment Officer

  • patrick lüthje

    Jesús Portomarín

    Chief Risk Officer

  • James Hart

    James Hart

    Chief of Legal

  • patrick lüthje

    Jose Luis Sánchez

    Chief of Finance

  • patrick lüthje

    Patricia Estévez

    Chief of Technology & Operations

  • patrick lüthje

    Rubén Gutiérrez

    Chief of Human Resources