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Real Estate

This strategy offers access to both equity and debt opportunities in a capital-intensive sector that is key to the economy, with huge potential for value creation and robust growth prospects. While its focus is global, it tracks European opportunities, supported by the formidable investment team and the expertise and footprint of Banco Santander.

Our investment solutions, which cover all asset subclasses—from the residential and office markets, housing, warehousing and logistics, to development, acquisition, refurbishment and refinancing—are aimed at providing ample diversification to tailor investment solutions to our investors' needs.

A fund whose goal is to invest in originating real estate loans in the European market.

Real Estate Debt

Our team

  • Alfonso Agulló

    Alfonso Agulló

    Head of Real Estate Debt

  • Joaquín Linares

    Joaquín Linares

    Head of Real Estate Equity

  • Alfonso Sousa

    Alfonso Sousa

    Portfolio Manager, Real Estate Debt

  • Brian Calderon

    Brian Calderon

    Porfolio Manager, Real Estate Debt

  • Brian Calderon

    Patricia Lapresa

    Porfolio Manager, Real Estate Debt

  • Brian Calderon

    Guillermo Santillana

    Investment Analyst, Real Estate Debt